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domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2007

Miss Teen USA 2007, what did she say???

sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2007

Beyonce can't keep her clothes on(Toronto concert)

Paris Hilton in Malibu


Here's Paris Hilton at the Malibu beach party she threw over the weekend that Elisha Cuthbert attended. And either she's still promoting Rich Prosecco (canned sparkling wine) or she actually drinks the stuff. And why wouldn't she? A classy woman like Paris Hilton? I'd be surprised if she didn't drink canned sparkling wine. I heard one time she went to a party and was so classy the Monopoly man started crying because he couldn't compete. True story.

The famous and sexy Lauren Conrad


Lauren Conrad and some other people from The Hills were spotted frolicking on the beach. Which is news, because, you know, one time Lauren totally kissed Jason and then Heidi was all, "I can't believe she did that" but she did, and then she ordered a latte and got a tan. So see? Famous. Man, how does she handle the pressures of being her? She's like a monolith.

NOTE: I wonder how much she gets paid to stand on the beach and do nothing. Oh wait, that's right.

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Happy Birthday Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz celebrated her 35th birthday yesterday on the set of her new movie What Happens in Vegas. Wait, she’s 35? It kind of makes me wonder if all those young dudes she’s been with are really dating her, or helping her cross the street. I’m not saying Cameron Diaz is old, I’m just saying she’s not getting any younger. Or, let’s be honest, more attractive. But, hey, at least she’s finding work. Wait, what’s that? Ashton Kutcher is in it? Jesus! That’s terrible! I mean, uh, Happy Birthday?

Fun Fact: When not chewing food or speaking, Cameron Diaz's mouth is occasionally rented out to host large parties and weddings.

The sexy Cindy Crawford


These are a couple days old but it's Cindy Crawford so, you know, who cares? She still looks amazing for a 41-year-old. I don't want to start any rumors, but I hear she drinks the blood of newborns to stay youthful. And did I just make that up? Maybe. The only thing we know for sure is that I'm still the reigning champion of the National Sexiest Person Alive Competition. See, because I'm so sexy.

viernes, 31 de agosto de 2007

Noelia, the sexy Girl

Noelia Lorenzo Monge ends friday as the Technorati hotttest search!
Portorrican singer claims her position as the sexiest girl in town!
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